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    The payment under your policy/ies will be to be credited, directly to your Bank account through electronic mode of payment only. For this purpose, we require your bank details for making the policy payment through NEFT (National Electronic Fund Transfer).

    The details of NEFT are described below. You are requested to submit the NEFT mandate along with necessary enclosures to settle the payment under your policy through NEFT.

    Kindl note, it is not possible for us to settle the policy payment in any other mode of payment like cheque.

    What is a NEFT ?

    It is a nationwide system that facilitates to transfer a fund from one account of any bank branch to another account of any bank branch.

    This system is operated by Reserve Bank of India. For transfer of funds the participating banks have to be NEFT enabled.

    At present around 74000 Banks all over India are participating under NEFT system.

    For details please refer to RBI website on Visit RBI website for more details.

    Advantages of NEFT system for LIC Policy holders / Annuitants :

    a) The policy holder / claimant will get the credit in his own account on the due date of payment irrespective of the location of his bank.

    b) NEFT will ensure speedier and secure mode of payment.

    c) There will be no extra charges to the policy holders / claimant.

    d) SMS and E-mail alerts may also be provided wherever the policy payment is made to the policyholder/ claimants’ account through NEFT.

    e) Each payment from LIC through NEFT will create one UTR(Unique Transaction Reference) number. If there is any problem in credit to the account, policy holders / claimant can confirm from their bank by quoting this UTR no. In other words it is easy to track a transaction of NEFT, using UTR number.

    Queries on existing policy contact your Agent or visit nearest LIC office.

    Insurance is the subject matter of solicitation